Best Foods for: Keto Diet.

Best Foods for Keto Diet. 

Best Foods for Keto Die
Best Foods for Keto Diet

A list of healthy foods for Keto dieting. Nowadays Keto has become one of the most popular diets to lose weight and get healthy. The ketogenic diet simply removes foods that are high in carbohydrates and replaces them with healthy alternatives. 

The goal is to stay under 20g of net carbs per day so that that body can burn its own fat for energy. In today's video, will share with you a list of healthy foods that contain little to no carbs or sugars.

 These will provide the body with lots of nutrients and allow it to heal naturally and shed excess body fat.
Let's take a look at some of these foods.

1. Kale

Kale is one of the most nutrient-dense superfoods on the planet.
This is a leafy green vegetable that helps to lower inflammation and provide energy and nutrients. This is unlimited on keto and is not considered as a carbohydrate.

2.Grass-Fed Butter

Pure butter not mixed with vegetable oil is one of the best sources of vitamin A for protecting your eyes, skin, and hair. This is one of the best sources of fat on a keto diet, which will help you to full of meals. The calcium in butter strengthens the bones
and is very bioavailable.

3. Grass-Fed Beef

 A slice of healthy red meat containing the perfect balance of protein and fat. Rich in Vitamin B12, beef is excellent in the development of healthy muscles and provides energy. Like most meats, he contains no carbohydrates.

4. Eggs

Eggs contain all the building blocks of life yet have practically no carbs or sugars within them. They are rich in proteins, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals which help the body's cells to heal and grow.

Best Foods for Keto Die
Best Foods for Keto Diet

5. Salmon

Like other fish, this is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids which heals the body internally, particularly when trying to lose weight. Eating fish improves the health of the central nervous system and prevents painful conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis.

6. Strawberries

All fruits contain a small number of sugars, however, berries contain the lowest amount. 1 cup of strawberries contains only 6.6g of
net carbs, making them a perfect dessert on keto. We recommend serving these with high-fat double cream. All berries contain pigments that help in healing the body and sharpening the brain.

7. Watermelon

Watermelon provides soluble and insoluble fiber which keep the colon healthy. 1/2 cup of chopped watermelon contains around 6g net carbs which can be easily fit into your daily allowance.
Eating this fruit is an excellent alternative to junk foods such as cookies, bread, biscuits, pasta,  waffles.

8. Coconut Oil 

A healthy plant-based oil provides an excellent source of natural fat. Coconut oil contains no carbs or sugars and is a clean fuel for the body. Replace processed vegetable oils with extra virgin coconut oil to boost mental focus and overall health.

9. Organic Bacon

Bacon is one of the tastiest and healthiest foods on a ketogenic diet.
Look for streaky bacon with extra fat as this will provide the most nutrients. Bacon actually helps to strengthen the heart and cardiovascular system when it is not eaten alongside carbs such as bread.

Best Foods for Keto Die
Best Foods for Keto Diet

10. Avocado

This naturally high-fat fruit is one of the healthiest superfoods to eat on the keto diet. It provides 500-850mg of potassium. Keeping your potassium high is essential on keto to cleanse the body and prevent detox symptoms. Avocado is also rich in folate, Vitamin C, K1, B Vitamins, Magnesium, Manganese, Zinc, and Beta Carotene.

11. Garlic

Garlic is one of the tastiest cooking ingredients and is also a superfood. This bulb strengthens the immune system and is being used in modern hospitals as a natural antibiotic. It is also antiviral, antiparasitic, and is overall a fantastic cleanser for the body's cells.

12. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Avoid processed oils and stick with cold-pressed olive oil when making a healthy salad dressing. This healthy plant-based fat will keep you full between meals and contains a high amount of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents.

13. Pecan Nuts

These contain a very low amount of net carbs and contain a high amount of fiber. They provide minerals which heal the thyroid
gland and are an excellent source of omega

14. Grass-Fed Cheese

Cheese is one of the healthiest sources of -soluble vitamins such as Vitamins A, E, D, and K2. This helps calcium to be absorbed into the
bones, teeth, and nails. It also contains healthy fatty acids and proteins which improve the health of the brain.


Also known as cilantro, this delicious tasty herb has been used for thousands of years to cleanse the body. It naturally detoxifies the body of heavy metals which may be causing health problems.
Slice the leaves roughly and sprinkle on top of keto meals.

Best Foods for Keto Die
Best Foods for Keto Diet

16. Turmeric

One of nature's most powerful natural healers. This spice can be used to fast boost the body 's health in cooking.
This can work wonders for lowering blood pressure, aiding weight loss, and curing depression and anxiety. Be sure to add a little black pepper to help your body absorb the curcumin compound it

17. Xylitol

This is a replacement for granulated sugar. Xylitol is a natural sweetener made from the wood of birch trees.
This tastes sweet and exactly the same as sugar yet does not cause a high spike in insulin. It is the most popular keto sugar substitute, however, you can also try stevia, monk fruit, erythritol, and others.

18. Green Tea

Green tea does not contain calories or sugar and is one of the healthiest beverages on the contains a substance known as chlorophyll which is rich in antioxidants. These heal the body internally at the cellular level, helping you to lose weight and lower inflammation.

19. Double Cream

Double cream is also known as whipped cream contains only 2.6g carbs per 100ml. This can be blended to thicken and is absolutely
delicious. Add this to a small portion of berries for a healthy keto dessert.

20. Cauliflower

Given its antioxidant content, this healthy vegetable is well known for its anti-inflammatory effects. It contains two groups of antioxidants that have been scientifically shown to slow the
growth of cancer cells. You can make cauliflower rice with the stalks
or even a healthy pizza crust.

Best Foods for Keto Die
Best Foods for Keto Die

21. Raw Cacao Powder

Don't sacrifice your love of chocolate, as you can use raw cacao powder in healthy keto recipes. Be sure to check this spelling and look for "Cacao" and not "Cocoa."

 Cacao is made using a cold-pressed method that does not destroy its nutrients. As you can see there are a great range of delicious foods you can eat on a ketogenic
diet to boost your health.

 We recommend eating a high amount of salad and cruciferous vegetables every day to boost your potassium levels. These provide a large number of plant-based nutrients that are needed to help the body during weight loss.

 Cooked vegetables lose some of their nutrients when heated, so it's important to eat plenty of raw vegetables. We recommend eating lots of kale, watercress, broccoli, cauliflower, bok choy, spinach, beet tops, asparagus, and arugula. 

Consider searching for high-quality grass-fed agricultural products while consuming meat, as these provide more protein. Always check the labels on foods and avoid foods with added MSG (monosodium glutamate) as this is made from corn starch and will slow down weight loss.

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